Introduction is looking for influential global partners who have top resources around the world. We need your help to promote the development of and the rapid implementation of our global business. In return, we will provide you generous rewards for your effort.

ZB Global partner is a significant part of, enjoys the following exclusive privileges

1.Enjoy up to 100% rewards

2.Supported by ZB market resources

3.Priority to participate off-line activities

4.Certificate of honor for excellent partner

5.Priority to try out new products

6.Participate in partner influence rankings

Reward Schedule for ZB Global Partners
Accumulated Invited Active UsersProportion
Less than 10 active users10%
10-100, add 1% for every 10 active users increase11%-20%
100-1,100, add 1% for every 100 active users increase20%-30%
1,100-11,100, add 1% for every 1,000 active users increase30%-40%
11,100-111,100, add 1% for every 10,000 active users increase40%-50%
111,100-1,111,100, add 1% for every 100,000 active users increase50%-60%
More than 1,111,100, add 1% for every 1,000,000 active users increase, up to 100% rewards60%-100%

1. ZB Global Partner enjoys rewards from his/her invited active users' transaction fees. The definition of Active User is the user has passed the further Real-name authentication and paid transaction fees on

2. The account statement will be based on monthly, the income from last month will arrive on the 10th off this month.

3. You are able to activate the ZB Partner assistant function after becoming a ZB Partner.

4. The valid period of ZB partnership will be 180 days, if you do not recommend one more users within 180 days, the system will terminate ZB partnership.

5. The valid users status will be updated after the second day of trading.

The rights of final interpretation of this activity belong to ZB.